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Faith Healing, Psychic Surgery, and Mediumship

The practice of faith healing, and psychic surgery in the Philippines has fascinated many Westerners since the first accounts by observers reached the outside world in the late 1950s prior to the onset of complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM) frameworks. The practice of psychic surgery by Filipino espiritistas (faith healers, who claim to communicate with discarnate entities), a technique of purportedly entering the human body with bare hands and without the use of anesthetics, defies the laws of medical science as they are currently understood - Fort Bragg, CA.

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From the Heart Foundation

Father Joshua, a practicioner of Filipino psychic surgery - Sedona, AZ.

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Jun Toting Psychic Surgeon of Cebu

We have a story to tell about an experience that has somewhat shaken our preconceptions about how the Universe is supposed to be ordered: Jun Toting of Cebu - Surgeon without Instruments.

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Miracles of the Divine Mercy through Apo Conching

Many have seen miracles the Divine Healer are performing in the person of Apo Conching... the paralyzed walked, the cancer victims were healed, the mute talked, the blind people see, the possessed with demons were freed, forgiveness were felt and spiritual transformations were initialized.

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Paul Boucard

Home page of practicing Philippine psychic doing psychic surgery, spiritual healing, magnetic healing and offers psychic spiritual tours in the energy centers of the Philippines.

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Philippine Spiritual Healers

Short list of psychic surgeons from the Philippines. Includes pictures and bibiliography.

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Philippines Travel Adventures

Gail Howard's Philippine travel adventures with psychic surgeons.

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Psychic Surgery

Overview of psychic surgery healing that originated from the Philippines - includes a short list of psychic surgeons - from the Crystalinks Metaphysical and Science Page.

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Spiritual Healer, Emilio Laporga

Mr. Laporga uses a variety of methods to treat ailments that includes surgery when necessary. His specialty is pulling teeth.

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