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Aqua 2000 Water Technology popular

State of the art water purification technology that provides the purest and safest drinking water that will cater to all Filipino families - Quezon City.

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Aqua Primera popular

Main line of business is the sales and distribution of water equipment and accessories, and other as water related products - Makati City.

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Aqua Add On Systems Inc.

Setting up bottling machine for pet bottles with capacity of 3000 bottles per hour and Aqua Serv Water refilling stations.

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Aqua Sparkletts

The home of alkaline-ionized healthy water and the leading distributor of industrial ionizer machine - Friendship Hi-way, Trinidad Village, Calibutbut, Bacolor, Pampanga.

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Aquahealth Alkaline Ionized Water

This blog is the official site of an Aquahealth franchisee in Quezon City, Metro Manila. Apart from contact details for delivery, it also logs various reports related to the benefits of drinking Alkaline Ionized Water. From time to time, I will also add anecdotes regarding my water delivery stories.

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Body Guard Philippines Water Purifier Provider

World-class quality centralized water filtration system, proudly Filipino made. Ensuring and protecting your water for outstanding quality and safety. We are your Body Guard!

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Clean Water

The premium purified drinking water, a brand name owned and managed by Made in heaven Enterprises - Castro St., Legaspi Village, Makati City.

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Crystal Clear Purified Drinking Water

All drinking water should be crystal clear! From SOLEREX Water Technologies, Inc., a medium-sized corporation engaged in the sale, franchising, and management of water refilling stations - Santolan, Pasig City.

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Dr. Edwards Sterilized Driniking Water

Dr. Edwards is a special class of bottled water designed for people with the highest safety needs in drinking water quality. Each bottle of Dr. Edwards undergoes medical grade water treatment and sterilization to ensure 100% sterile water free bacteria, viruses, parasites, and harmful chemicals. From Advanced Nutritional Technologies - Valera St., Makati City.

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Equizone Enterprises

We set-up and install all types of water refilling station in all over the Philippines, from 16 to 30 stages of Water Purification system at 1000 to 9000GPD. Quality machines at very competitive price.

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GH Water Station

Silay Purified Drinking Water, your water, our concern.

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It's time for you to choose the right quality. It's the purest and safest purified drinking water. Hydrocare. Franchise available. 1/F Dona Raymunda bldg. J.P. Rizal St. Brgy. II, Calamba City, Laguna 4027.

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Local Water Utilities Administration

Promotes the development of provincial water supply. LWUA√∆√s creation is the national government√∆√s response to the problem then be setting the provincial water sector, among them lack of funding, institutional weaknesses and technological inadequacies which led to the generally poor water service in the countryside during the period.

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Philippine Amusement Enterprises, Inc.

Provides the country with reliable refrigerated equipments and coin operated machines and service through united highly trained and motivated staff. Main office is in Quezon City.

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Pure Flow Water System Co.

A dealer of high-quality, state-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis components since 1997. Our reputation is built on distributing consistently high quality components with a commitment to giving you excellent support as a business partner in the rapidly growing industry of Water Stations and Water Purification for residential and commercial purpose - Pasig City.

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