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Filipino Tattoos popular

There is a strong resurgence of people getting tattoos from a Philippine design in the Filipino American community. It has been taking part of our lives as a new moral, a new code, a new love, a new respect and a new vision.

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Gold Coast Tattoo popular

Not your everyday tattoo website - there are plenty of tattoo pictures, which is what the business is all about (in Monterey, CA) but there are also sections on travel and travel photography and diving. The owner, Steve Hendricks, used to own a tattoo shop in Olongapo, so there is a section on the Philippines about his experiences while living (and now vacationing) there.

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The Traveling Tattoo Artist popular

Tattoo artist Aleks Figueroa spends many hours of the day permanently staining people's skin with art, but he admits he doesn't always know what he's doing. Aleks specializes in alibata, an indigenous Filipino script, and his business is growing tremendously - article from the website.

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The Vanishing Tattoo Philippines popular

8 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

Short overview of the tattooing traditions of the Kalingas from the Vanishing Tattoo website.

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Cebu Henna Tattoo

The art of the new decade. Cebu's best henna tattoo where you can get quality art.

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El Drako Tattoo

Established in Saipan, USA on November 1993, after Dragon Edong decided to use his own name for his love into tattoo, with tattoo experienced since 1980. Body art is the main focus of the well-known tattoo shop in the Pacific Region, but also accepts special orders such as mural paintings and airbrush painting, especially on automobiles. Has a branch in the Philippines - Saipan, USA and Quirino Highway, Novaliches, Quezon City.

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Glimmer Body Art

Glitter tattoos for parties, events and more! Color your world with Glimmer Body Art, the first and only glitter tattoo company in the Philippines.

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Philippione Tattoo Artist Guild

Tattoo has a deep connection to our culture as Filipinos; long before the Spaniards conquered our country, the inhabitants of these islands were already wearing tattoos as a status symbol of different tribe all over the archipelago. PhilTAG aims to promote high quality safe tattooing in the Philippines.

Review It Rate It Bookmark It aims to build a community for anything related to Pinoy Tattoos. With this site, we wish to preserve and educate the world about our tattoo history as well as our indigenous culture. We will always look at things from a Pre-Hispanic point of view.

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Pyro Tattoo Philippines

Sterile and professional, premium colors, disposable supples ... temporary airbrush tattoo looks real, black or multi color, only at pyro studio - Ozamis City.

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Rakel Tattoo

Considered to be the first Filipina tattoo artist.

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Ronnie's Tattoo Studio

Everyone has the right to be different ... everyone has the power to be modified ... Lapu-Lapu, Cebu.

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SkinCanvass Body Art

10 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

SkinCanvass Body Art & Accessories is a Cebu-based entertainment company specializing in providing cool, realistic and eye catching airbrushed body art, colored temporary tattoos, face painting, henna and mhendi tattoos for different events like fashion shows, product launchings, product advertising, company events and many more.

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Vice Coffee & Ink - Philippines Tattoo Parlor

Vice Coffee and Ink is a Coffee Shop and Tattoo Parlor is Manila's (Philippines) premier tattoo parlor. The only one like it in the Philippines.

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